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Caribbean Security has a security system that's right for you. Our alarm systems are fully customizable so that they fit your unique business or home security needs. Each system maximizes safety while minimizing losses due to theft. Caribbean Security endeavours to use a hardwired system in commercial installations due to the high level of foot traffic which causes the batteries used in wireless systems to fail within months of installation.


Perimeter protection through contacts on doors and windows to provide backup to locks. It is your first line of defense and is the best opportunity for prevention and detection, before and intrusion can occur. Interior motion sensors activate on the movement of a person who has remained inside after closing or has entered despite perimeter detection. When your system has been turned on or armed, the motion and door contacts work with your control panel to automatically alert the monitoring station to the first sign of unexpected movement in your business or home. Rest assured, if you've left the office or home for the night, for example the touch of a few keys on your keypad arms your system's powerful perimeter protective devices so you can enjoy the safest worry free night's sleep ever!