Whether you are looking for a one door voice only answering intercom system with a door release function or a multi-tenant voice and video entry system, Caribbean Security is prepare to customize and install a solution to meet you specific requirements and operational goals.

There are many combination of system available that are expandable depending upon the size of your business. We can provide interior and exterior systems that are voice only, color video and voice, pan and tilt multi-station systems. 

The multi-tenant system is modular and the system entry panel can be used for a minimum of 2 tenants up to 250 tenants. Up to five entrance panels can be connected to achieve the maximum of 250 tenants. The entry panel can be configured to fit any sized application using individual call buttons. An entry panel allows call-in, video from the entry and communication to the called tenant.

Some of the features of the system are: 

  1. Both audio/video and audio-only entrance panels can be combined in the same system
  2. Flush mount modular design allows the entrance panel to have digital keypad calling and LCD display, or individual call buttons for each tenant
  3. Surface mounting with a rain hood is available
  4. Digital entrance panel kits available for easy designing 


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