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Access Control & Biometrics

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Access Control within a company is critical to businesses of all types. Caribbean Security's access control systems provide companies with the security they need in today's business environment. Employee safety, turnover and internal losses are all challenges businesses face. Our security access control systems can effectively address all these concerns. Combined with our burglar alarm system, our commercial grade access control systems put the power in your hands 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Caribbean Security uses an access control system that is modular in design so it can grow with your needs without you incurring complete retrofit expenses and because it provides diagnostics on each board, has a centralized thermally protected power supply for the magnetic locks and/or electric strikes, a fire drop off for life safety, and innovative software that is rewritten based on customers and dealers input.

Biometrics is one of the fastest growing technolgies in the security industry. Caribbean Security Limited has partnered with a manufacturer to provide biometric technology to the British Virgin Islands. This enables Caribbean Security to be in a position to deliver high quality, stat of the art access control solutions that provide enhanced security for our end user customers. Granting privleges based on biometric identity is what this technology can do for your application.The technology platform utilizes the most proven and convenient biometric available is the fingerprint.